Who We Are

Line Sales, LLC has over 50 years of industry experience, with a commitment to service, reliability and innovation.  Line Sales is a leading Manufacturers' Rep and provider of solutions for the Municipal Wastewater Industry.

Line Sales, LLC markets their products along with the analysis of solutions in the following markets:

  • Water supply and wastewater collection systems (urban and rural).

We are firmly committed to quality and to protecting the environment.

We were founded in 2010 to represent and market new and innovative quality products to the Water & Sewer Industry.

What We Do

Line Sales, LLC represents value-added solutions to collection system issues.  From start to finish, we have system solutions and products with sales support and consulting  to the City Engineers, Municipalities, or Contractors.  Line Sales, LLC is committed to helping you solve problems by providing a system analysis that helps reduce corrosion.

What We Offer

Line Sales, LLC bases its success on its three marketing strengths; 1) sustainable products, 2) excellent customer service and support, and 3) innovation. Line Sales successes have propelled the company to be recognized as a leader in the wastewater market as well as a significant presence in the water supply market. The company's ongoing ability to provide its customers with learning tools and hands-on training has increased their awareness and ability to conserve water and energy, reduce water pollution, and reduce water losses in all types of transmission systems.

Line Sales, LLC introduced the concept of providing, not only innovative products, but also customized solutions for the protection of water & sewer systems.

What Defines Us

Line Sales, LLC remains in close contact with the customer and provides him with training seminars and technical material, giving the client the knowledge necessary to analyze and choose the appropriate method of protection for water system.

Line Sales, LLC has the ability to analyze the customer's needs in terms of protecting his water systems from corrosion changes, and advise him how to protect his system from physical damage and reduce water losses, save energy and prevent water contamination and pathogen intrusion.